Alpha release is here - Coreto

I can’t put into words how thrilled we all are that in just a few days we’ll be launching our Alpha version of!

First, we would like to thank all of you for the patience and trust you have put in our team. I can say without a doubt that Coreto’s community is one of the best growing communities out there.

As most of you already know, our Alpha release is just the first phase of what we have planned for Coreto in the long run. And having you with us since such an early stage fuels our drive exponentially!
Excitements are building in the air already as we look forward to testing and refining what it’s going to be the first brick in building the much-needed Trust between the crypto communities.

As a quick reminder, Coreto is a reputation-based social platform that bridges the interaction between projects, retail investors, traders & much more, all based on a comprehensive trust & performance system.

Essentially, it’s a platform that utilizes both blockchain technology and a unique trust and performance algorithm in order for users to rely on when it comes to determining the performance and trustworthiness of content creators.

Our vision is to unite the blockchain communities. By using the cumulative opinion of experienced community members, people will have a better understanding of what and how blockchain projects are aiming to achieve, helping them make better-informed investment decisions.

What’s the Alpha version all about?

The Alpha release focuses on our “Staking of Opinion Pool” feature, or simply SOOP.

What does Staking of Opinion Pool mean? Whenever a content creator endorses a particular project or executes a price movement analysis and prediction, they will be able to back their analysis and ROI predictions by adding their COR participation to the Staking of Opinion Pool opened for that particular project. The rationale behind it is that right now, any so-called predictions or signals on any traditional medium can “disappear” if the results are not accurate.

You can read more about it in one of our previous articles.

Ready for a small turn-around?

After close consideration and also because it’s important for our first 500 early adopters and testers to have a smooth, risk-free experience, we’ve decided on the following course of action:

In the first weeks of testing, you will not have to add $COR to in order to use it. Once you login into your account, you will find in your balance 500 vCOR tokens (virtual COR). By using vCOR instead of your real $COR, it will provide you with peace of mind that there is nothing you could do wrong and lose your precious $COR Tokens.

Because we love gamification and we support fair competitions between traders, the top 50 content creators that will have the best results after the first three weeks, will be rewarded with real COR tokens. Meaning that all (or part) of the vCOR tokens you’ve accumulated from your SOOPs will swap into real COR tokens.

There are a few requirements though:

  • Create at least 10 SOOPs;
  • Pledge to at least 10 other substacks;
  • Challenge at least 10 other substacks;
  • You must have at least 5 SOOPs that close with a positive ROI;
  • Add at least 10 pairs to your watchlist;
  • Follow 25 users.

After this stage, the TOP50 users that have the highest Performance scores, alongside the above requirements will have their vCOR swapped for $COR Tokens in the following ratios:

  • Top10 users: 150% of their total vCOR;
  • Top 11–20 users: 115% of their total vCOR;
  • Top 21–50 users: 100% of their total vCOR.

What should you expect next?

Opening the gates to Coreto’s Alpha version means that we’re also entering Phase 2 of our mission plan, which is also -divided into 3 components:

1. Test, use, test! Feedback. Rinse and repeat.

Have in mind that the main goal of these first weeks of testing will be focusing on gathering as much feedback as possible from you and working closely on implementing and fixing the eventually reported bugs. We’re also more than certain that you’ll come up with great ideas that we could implement in future releases.

2. Roadmap and Whitepaper

As we’re advancing with the first component, we’ll be able to update our roadmap more clearly with our plans up to the Beta version and beyond.

We’ve constantly mentioned that this Alpha release is a small (yet very important) part of what Coreto is intended to offer to its users and the entire Blockchain communities.

With a clearer Roadmap and Whitepaper, we’ll be able to relay more clearly our vision and future plans.

3. CDL

Coreto Design Language is maybe one of the things I personally am most excited about. It will be an amazing step towards upping our game and online presence. More on this to come sooner than expected.

We know that the road we’re taking will not be an easy one. The Ups and Downs will continue to come. This fuels our drive and passion even more! Bumpy roads are the ones that brought us to this point. And we’ve just got a new “set of wheels” ready for the ones to come! 😊

What REALLY excites us the most is that with the Alpha release, we’ll have in place the foundation upon which to build the Coreto ecosystem!

The whole team is humbled and grateful for all the patience and support our community manifested throughout these last few months.

It gladdens us when we see many naming Coreto “the Facebook of crypto” or “the Patreon of crypto traders”, yet we don’t plan to totally reinvent the wheel. We work on improving what people are already used to, but need “a special pinch of spices”.

Coreto will CERTAINLY become one of the main sources of information and inspiration when it comes to DYOR

We usually constrain ourselves from making bold statements, but I can’t help myself not to admit that we believe with an open heart and 1000% confidence that as we add new use cases and features up to the final release, Coreto will CERTAINLY become one of the main sources of information and inspiration when it comes to DYOR (Do Your Own Research), and helping new blockchain adopters to better navigate this still crazy wild-wild crypto-space.

We’re building the ecosystem of the future: for projects, retail investors, content creators, and individuals alike.

Iustina Faraon
Co-Founder/ CEO

I'm a digital entrepreneur and a tech enthusiast. I love to seek and plan disruptive ideas and projects.