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As we’re preparing to implement the use of our $COR Token into Coreto’s app, this is a good time to reiterate the current usability of the token in our ecosystem.

The fuel of Coreto’s platform is our COR Token. As we release additional features, new $COR token use cases will be added; but for now, let’s focus on its utility throughout the Alpha stage.

$COR token use cases – Utility

1. Participating in Staking Of Opinion Pools (SOOPs)
2. Referral Program
3. Influencer’s content monetization


1. Using $COR in Staking Of Opinion Pools

Read a detailed explanation on Staking of Opinion Pools, one of our main features, a tool for traders to make price predictions for crypto assets, as well as earn $COR in the process.

It’s our innovative feature that at its core intention is to help crypto traders build their reputation and gain the deserved recognition based on the accuracy of their Trading Analysis and predictions.

You can also create SOOPs without pledging $COR to it, but in this case, your opinion can not be challenged (only Disagreed), and the community can not pledge $COR to it either.

By creating a SOOP without pledging $COR to it, the result of your prediction will only count towards your Performance Score. Users may Agree or Disagree with it, but in the end, there will be no Pool of $COR tokens with rewards towards the winning party. Bummer, right?!

By creating a price prediction and pledging $COR Tokens to it, enables it to be challenged by other traders, opening the gates to an Opinion Reward Pool. As other users pledge their $COR Tokens to your opinion or your challenger’s, the pool grows and so does the possibility to monetize your trading skills. Awesome, right?!

SOOP is just the first of our Gamification features that we’re implementing into a social platform experience.

The implementation of real $COR Tokens instead of vCOR (virtual COR) is just around the corner, so you’d better start working on your Performance & Trust scores as it will give you a real advantage in the long run.

Create a new SOOP now! If you don’t have access to Coreto yet, make sure to reserve your spot here!

Pro Tip: Your Performance & Trust scores will count towards you Leveling Up as an Influencer and that will translate into more gains and recognition.


2. Referral Program

We’re setting up the Coreto Referral Program through which you will be able to invite your friends and community to create an account, without them having to wait for onboarding.

Based on your number of referrals and their activity, you’ll win your spot in our Referral Leaderboard, giving you a bigger slice of the pool of $COR Tokens assigned for each event.

We’ll be posting more details regarding the Terms & Conditions of our Coreto Referral Program at a later stage.


3. Influencer’s content monetization

Once your Performance and Trust levels have risen to the adequate threshold, your profile will “unlock” new features. These will enable you to create more in-depth content and decide which should be for public sight and which will require access based on a pay-per-view or subscription system, for $COR tokens.

These features will include

  • Private Opinion Pools
  • Personal portfolio sharing (trading & long-term investments)
  • Private articles and reviews, and a few more down the line.

After implementing the Projects Section, one of the features will give project teams the possibility to reach out to influencers for different services, services that will also benefit from $COR tokens payments.

In the crypto space it’s hard to find the right people worth following. We stand for giving users other criteria than just a big number of followers.

You’ve created your Coreto profile exactly for this reason: to show others that you deserve your place on our leaderboard. That you deserve to be called an influencer!

We’re keeping Coreto on a path of constant, steady growth. As we add new $COR token use cases, release features and approach the next phases, we expect a great increase in COR token use and activity within our platform.
Vlad Faraon
Co-Founder/ CBO

Constantly “feeding my hunger” for doing good and help others reach a better version of themselves.