Coreto and NEAR Protocol share the same vision of building confidence in the technology of our era while pushing Blockchain adoption.

We are pleased to announce that one of the projects we admire validates our work and supports us to continue our mission to create verified crypto ecosystems for content creators, traders, and projects. The NEAR Protocol community of crypto investors and newcomers alike will soon be able to confidently explore verified projects and identify trustworthy peer influencers in the field. The more experienced market analysts can also enjoy a new way to analyze and monetize their knowledge with the help of Coreto’s unique gamification and performance showcasing tools.

Key Takeaways:

  • We are pleased to see that other renowned projects have started to see the potential of what we have built so far;
  • More than that, we have obtained an initial grant from NEAR Foundation;
  • Our decentralized version of the reputation system will be upgraded and built on top of the NEAR Protocol’s infrastructure;
  • The NEAR community will be able to enjoy a decentralized dual-function identity system: a registration/login mechanism for the platform and a tool for tracking user reputation scores in a decentralized manner;
  • We will build a decentralized reputation tracking system, able to keep track of any user’s reputation history, for all current and future platforms that integrate it.

The revolution of the crypto era through the first layer of trust

In a world full of speculation, trustworthy opinions are in high demand, yet hard to be verified based on objective past performance assessments for crypto influencers. That’s why we want to pave the way for investors by providing a reliable crypto research tool while eliminating FOMO.

Our Trust & Performance algorithm helps:

  • Content creators build a reputation in the crypto industry based on the accuracy of their market analyses. At the same time, they work on gaining the community’s trust, and moving away from the classic status of influencers who hype about a project based on how much they are paid. All while helping traders & content creators monetize their crypto knowledge;
  • Traders to find peer influencers with a proved reputation, stored immutably in the Blockchain;
  • Projects to grow their trust within their communities, offering the possibility to promote their brand with the help of verified influencers.

Coreto and NEAR Protocol – The same vision of the importance of trust

We relate to NEAR’s mission of making the crypto experience as easy and smooth as possible for its users, working towards mass adoption. The crypto community, especially newcomers, will be able to explore crypto ecosystems with confidence, identifying real crypto investment opportunities. We aim to bring fire where it is most needed, eliminating the speculation produced by social networks where information can be deleted, modified, or given by people who do not have proven expertise in the field.

What’s next?

  • We will constantly communicate our progress so that our communities stay informed;
  • We will follow the action plan we have established, building 2 initial decentralized systems: one for identification and one for tracking and querying on-chain reputation;
  • We will reshape the way crypto communities, traders, analysts, influencers, and projects interact with each other;
  • As the platform evolves, we plan to have more features decentralized and moved from a web2 system to web3 implementations.

We are ready to officially become the first layer of trust in the crypto space with the help of NEAR Protocol. Once again, our work is validated by the real pillars of the crypto sphere. If you want to be with us on this new adventure that we have started, give us a Follow and join our Telegram Community.

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