The online gaming industry has been on the rise for the past few years. It is no wonder it grew to over $20 billion in revenue for 2020 alone. With an estimated 1 billion online gamers currently active worldwide, experts forecast growth in numbers reaching a whopping 1.3 billion active gamers by 2025.

According to Forbes, 80% of smartphone users play mobile games on their devices, and nearly 50% play games every day.

So we can easily conclude that one way or another, everybody loves to play! And we are seeing gamification mechanisms implemented in most of our online interactions.

What is gamification?

Gamification is exciting as it makes hard things… fun!

“There seems to be a consensus that gamification is the use of game mechanics in non-game contexts. In the instructional context, we see gamification as a means to make learning more engaging by the use of features normally found in games.”

The appetite of the crypto communities for playing games, winning achievements, and climbing the leaderboards is of no surprise to anyone.

The growth process can be much easier when you’re also having fun. It is why we’re implementing different sets of gamification mechanisms that will

  • encourage users to create content,
  • engage with one another,
  • share knowledge, and
  • build communities.

Learn. Earn. Repeat.

What should you expect from Coreto in terms of gamification?

Trust and Performance

As part of our core value proposition is the ability to build and grow your crypto Reputation, regardless of whether you’re a follower, a trader, an influencer or a Project. Making this possible with the help of our Trust & Performance algorithms, which at this stage sits within our Staking Of Opinion Pools.

These 2 elements are the first unique features that will tap into the areas of

  • meaning,
  • accomplishment,
  • empowerment,
  • social influence,
  • unpredictability and
  • scarcity.

The decentralized reputation system (translated into the Trust and Performance indicators and their algorithms) is an innovative concept firstly implemented into the Coreto platform. Intending easy adaptation of this concept to any industry or platform. The fuel for the whole Coreto system and its gamification is the $COR Token.

Leveling UP

  • Everyone starts from scratch but can have different paths and objectives.

The leveling up system makes the interaction with the Coreto Platform even more fun and engaging than it already is. Considering your strategy, activity, interests, and level of knowledge, you’ll be able to advance in levels at your own pace.

Achievements and badges.

We are all different. Fortunately. And for this reason, whether you’re a Bitcoin Maximalist or an Altcoin Evangelist, we’ll have the right Badges and Achievements for you to show off on your profile.

Achievements & badges are more than just that.
Achievements represent one’s level of knowledge & expertise, while Badges represent one’s beliefs and accuracy.

You might want to show off your “Eyes from the Future” Achievement for nailing 10 SOOPs in a row, and as all of them relate to the same asset (eg.: $LINK), you’ve now received your “Link Marine” badge.


We aim to offer a one-of-a-kind user experience and help you build a complete stream of income. That can’t be accomplished without rewarding our users in the best possible way.

  • Build your Reputation,
  • grow your Profile and you’ll be able to
  • mint unique NFTs for your fans.

Transform some achievements into NFTs and use them inside Coreto’s ecosystem, giving access to events, contests, and platform perks. Or sell them on the open market.

NFTs are underused and underappreciated while being overhyped for all the wrong reasons. We plan to change this, and give them real use cases and value!

Referral Event

“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.”

What does this have in common with the referral event and Coreto you may ask?

A movement. A decentralized reputation system can be a stepping stone in the digital world and we all have to play our part.

  • Don’t keep it all for yourself! Sharing is caring!

With our regular Referral Events, your friends and community will quickly join us, skipping the onboarding line, and start their new journey.

  • Coreto stands for communities and knowledge sharing.

We are all working on building the most collaborative and amazing community within Coreto.

Based on your level of involvement, you’ll win your spot in our Referral Leaderboard, giving you a bigger slice from the prize pool assigned for each event.

What about projects?

Projects will also have their own Trust and Performance metrics, leaderboards, achievements, and badges, but with different Performance Indicators than users.

We are preparing a beautiful stage where the projects and their teams will have the opportunity to engage with communities, earn their trust through their deliverables and grow their brands in front of our eyes.

Instant gratification

Everyone teaching us from a young age, to practice delayed gratification. But, the actual social media environment has changed our behavior in terms of expecting gratification by allowing users to upload content (media or writing) and receive instant feedback, likes and shares.

We’ve already implemented the social media elements such as

  • status updates,
  • comments, and
  • likes that give the feeling of instant connection with your followers.

This was the first step.

Users can now work on building up their profiles, and once they reach the Influencer level, they will have the ability to instantly unlock new achievements and badges, and most importantly the platform’s features for content monetization (auction your 1-on-1 time for mentoring, create courses or build your own signals channel).

Technology evolves at a very fast pace. Trends change, new industries rise and fall, and it’s all taking place seemingly all at once. This has pushed both tech companies and their users to a never-before-seen level of adaptation and change.

This can become overwhelming at times, especially if you feel you get left behind by the pace that things move at, but it can also be exciting – even exhilarating!

At Coreto we like to take things head-on! We love challenges and we are always ready to adapt, learn and grow – keeping what works, changing and improving what doesn’t. We believe that user feedback is just as important as market or trend-based analysis, and we strive to take all this ever-changing whirlpool of data and forge the best version of our vision!

Coreto Platform
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