Coreto: Performance Score Explained

Supplementing with performance score

While trying to find the best way of implementing our Reputation system we found that there are two main components that come into play in any context, from personal relationships to business and any other type of human interaction.

These components are what we at first called Subjective Reputation and Objective Reputation. Or how we call them now: Trust & Performance.

What is Performance?

“Performance is the action or process of executing a task or operation seen in terms of how successfully it is executed.”

In order to properly evaluate someone’s Reputation we can’t only rely on

  • beliefs or opinions, we also need to look at
  • results.

This is where the Performance indicator comes into play, as the results based metric that evaluates each user’s success coming from objective data. We track and measure how each piece of content performs based on verifiable facts, regardless of how others “believe” it should be performing.

Results are all that matter!

This is what makes Performance a reliable indicator.

How do we measure Performance?

When tracking Performance, we measure each piece of content a user creates and we track a number of KPIs, on-chain and real-world data specific to each type of content.

For example, when looking at Staking of Opinion Pools we track the market price of each available pair and measure each Opinion’s results based on ROI, pledged $COR from both creator and supporters, and other fact-based and real market data. Other types of content have different KPIs and different data sources that we track and measure, as will be the case with every new feature we add to the platform.

Every piece of content contributes to the overall Performance score of the user, each having a different weight assigned to it, resulting in a different overall impact, reflecting the cumulative skill level of the user.

Since different users have different skill sets, we also track where each performance score change comes from, making it a perfect source of Gamification based achievements!

But, as in our day to day life, the skills we have today will not remain as sharp over time if we don’t hone and develop them. This is another aspect that is integrated into the Performance score, as previous results weigh less and less over time, decreasing in value as time passes.

Finding the perfect balance

While being an objective indicator, Performance score is gained or lost for many different content types, with more and more making their way onto the platform. So how do we know what primary skill the Performance score is best representing?

Because we track the source of each score change – and with the help of different Gamification mechanisms – we can show what each user is best at and have it as a badge of honor on their profile.

This is how we can compare ourselves with others based on skill and results!

Performance is not a zero-sum game. We don’t take away from others in order to boost our own score! The Performance score evolves based on our own evolution.

As in real life, we only really compete with ourselves and, in the end, our success and Reputation is first and foremost in our own hands.


Our Trust and Performance systems are still being developed and improved. More technical details about the algorithms and math behind them will become public over time.

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