Coreto Platform Development

Hello everyone,

As promised, today we are bringing you the first official update about the progress of our ALPHA version for the Coreto platform.

Thank you for your patience so far!

Without further ado, let’s get right into it.

Part one: The Backend

This week we are finishing up the first major milestone for the back-end: the blockchain integration!
Users now have the ability to deposit their COR on the platform in order to access the different features they’ll be having at their disposal, keeping track of their balance and withdrawing their tokens if they would like to use them outside Coreto platform for things like staking, trading, etc.

ALPHA Preview — User Wallet | Users can deposit, withdraw and see their COR balance
ALPHA Preview — User Wallet | Users can deposit, withdraw and see their COR balance

We have taken great care in order to ensure the security of our users’ funds from day one!

Using the power of the blockchain to ensure integrity, traceability and transparency, mitigating possible exploits right from the start, never exposing access to funds — all these are just a few of the measures we are taking.

This means that even IF breaches are ever found in Coreto platform’s code-base, funds are never exposed and fail-safe measures are in place on all levels!

We are taking no chances, and have taken our time to make security our top priority!

This also means that once finished and fully tested, we can start implementing all the other cool features — like Staking of Opinion Pools — with peace of mind.
Speaking of which, we have also made great progress in preparing for the Staking of Opinion Pools system!

We have identified, structured and specced-out the algorithms that make the hearth of this feature. This means that we now have clear definitions, specifications and internal work-flows for:

  • how Staking of Opinion Pools are managed
  • how predictions are made and on what basis and parameters
  • when and how a prediction can be challenged
  • how the platform is deciding if a prediction is accurate
  • how to determine the degrees of accuracy for each prediction
  • how winners are decided and on what basis for both single prediction and challenge-based scenarios
  • how the rewards are distributed to the winners
  • how trust and performance evolve with each prediction result
  • and so much more…

We have also taken great care to ensure a fair and accurate system, and are analyzing all the different edge cases, possible system exploits, incentives to reward fair-play, and the list goes on.

As with security, TRUST is another core value we strive to integrate in every aspect of our platform, as a crucial part of its DNA.

Our experts in advanced algorithms, applied mathematics and system architecture, are working hard on refining all the internals of this system, preparing models and simulations, identifying the best way to implement them and preparing things for our next major milestone: the Staking of Opinion Pools.

Part Two: Coreto platform – User Interface & User Experience

Still here? Good! 🙂

That was a lot of technical talk, but what about the interface? What about the user experience?

Well…let’s move to the second part or our update!

Our design and UI/UX teams have also worked really hard these past weeks, and we are pleased to announce that significant progress has been made on all fronts.

Half of the layouts for the platform have already passed final design approval and more will be ready by the end of the week. We estimate that all design approvals will be ready before the end of the month!
The front-end team is also making great progress, as layouts are being implemented in an agile work-flow, having them ready for integration with the back-end at a significant pace.

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all our teammates! Great work so far guys! 🙂

But don’t take our word for it, have a look!

Coreto platform ALPHA Preview
Coreto platform – ALPHA Preview — Main Feed | Users can see their content feed based on their interests and follows
Coreto ALPHA Preview — Prediction Stack
Coreto platform – ALPHA Preview —Prediction Stack | See a user’s Staking of Opinion Pool prediction and evolution
Platform ALPHA Preview —Public Profile | Build your reputation and make yourself known using your Coreto profile
Coreto platform – ALPHA Preview —Public Profile | Build your reputation and make yourself known using your Coreto profile

This is just a small part of what we have been working on. So much more is being done behind the scenes that we did not mention here. But fear not, we will keep you updated on our progress and make more information available as we move forward.

Do you like what you see so far? Do you have some feedback for us? Or do you just want to give the team some kudos? Drop a message on our official Telegram group to let us know!

Follow us on our official communication channels for more previews and updates as we move ever closer to our ALPHA release next year!

Andrei Balaianu
Head of Development

I am a knowledge-driven person, taking every new challenge as an opportunity to learn new ways to improve myself and my work.