#DRS Upgrade – Trust & Performance Algorithms and the Reputation Scoring Service (#RSS)

Today’s release brings a massive upgrade to our Decentralized Reputation System. This is the next step in establishing the #DRS as a stand-alone product and service, bringing with it a lot of important changes.

First of all, the math behind the Trust and Performance algorithms has been improved.
The previous version has been a good starting point. Yet, analyzing all the data collected since the initial release of the Coreto platform, we have discovered some limitations and inaccuracies that the previous algorithms couldn’t reliably handle.

With that knowledge in hand, we have developed new mathematical formulas that are better aligned with our original concept, and allow the #DRS to be the powerful reputation building tool that we have envisioned it to be.

The Trust and Performance scores are now more accurate, more dynamic, and provide a better representation of how one’s reputation evolves over time based on a fair and reliable system.

We are also completely dropping the old system, and fully switching to the new #DRS architecture. This is a logical next step following the release of our Decentralized Reputation Tracker on the NEAR mainnet, setting the stage for the next piece of the puzzle to take shape – the Reputation Scoring Service (#RSS).

We have been closely monitoring the new system while we’ve had both of them running side by side. We can now make the switch and (finally) say with full confidence that a reliable on-chain reputation is now a reality.

Today’s release represents another important step towards preparing the Decentralized Reputation System for future integrations, and we are already working on the next upgrades, building a powerful reputation infrastructure for the internet.

NOTE: With today’s update, everyone’s Trust & Performance scores have been adjusted. The new algorithms are more accurate and dynamic in nature, so you might notice some significant differences for some users.

The historical data that might still influence the scoring will balance itself out over the course of the next few days, while the new system is compiling new data.

Other updates

One other small but impactful update is adding relevant metadata to all shareable links to posts, articles, and SOOPs, so when you share content from Coreto on other platforms, people will have a better preview of what that content is all about.

We also took the time to fix a great number of issues that we received from our early testers:

  • bug fixes
  • small UI/UX improvements
  • performance optimizations
  • security updates
  • and more.

We keep optimizing existing features based on your feedback. Using the platform, sending us feedback, and helping us iron out the kinks are all part of how we get ready for the future.

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