Today marks a very special day for Coreto.

Exactly one year ago today we launched the very first version of our platform. Our very first ALPHA testers were on-boarded and they received access to our very first feature – the Staking of Opinion Pools.

Since then we managed to expand the Coreto Platform with new features like articles, social posts, comments, notifications, and lots of under-the-hood upgrades.

Our early user base of ALPHA testers has also grown since that first release, and all the feedback we received has helped us get ever closer to our goal of building the reputation based social research hub of the future.

Whether it was reporting bugs, sending in feature suggestions or just letting us know what you think, you – our early testers – will always be a crucial part of the journey we’re on.

Another important milestone was reached with launching the $COR token on the platform, giving it true utility and allowing users to truly test and feel the potential of what we are working towards.

Our latest update was another important one, bringing a full UI/UX upgrade to the platform and making it mobile friendly, allowing our users to access and use it from any device.

This brings us to today!

Closing the cycle

We started this journey with our flagship feature – the Staking of Opinion Pools.

It makes sense that the final release of this first cycle of development takes us back to the beginning, to the same Staking of Opinion Pools feature that started it all.

“It’s like poetry, it rhymes” – George Lucas

So, what do we mean by this? Let’s have a look!


Analysing all of your feedback led us to the same conclusion we had: the Opinion page (SOOP) needed more clarity and information. We also knew that in order to expand this one-of-a-kind feature we needed to have a better structure in place that would enable us to add more and more information, statistics and prepare for new and exciting ways to use and develop the Staking of Opinion Pools’ underlying systems.

All this comes together today!

The new SOOP page brings:

  • Improved overall design. Fully responsive
  • Improved overall information architecture
  • A better system for displaying the opinion status and results
  • Live market prices and dynamic ROI
  • New widgets with useful information and statistics about the backers, pool, challenges and more
  • Improved design for the social module
  • Improved design for the activity timeline
  • A dedicated tab for extra metrics
  • And more.

With this update, we feel that we have all the core pieces in place, allowing us to move forward into the next stage at full speed and with full confidence.

The foundation is strong!

And, even though we focused heavily on the Staking of Opinion Pools for this update, we still have lots of other improvements that deserve mentioning:

  • Improved comments system
  • Wallet integration improvements
  • Better tool-tips
  • Overall UI/UX improvements
  • Overall system optimizations
  • Better system monitoring
  • Security upgrades
  • Bug fixing

Moving forward

Beginnings are often hard and slow. But they are the most important part of every journey.

It has been a full year for the whole Coreto Team. Looking back, I can say wholeheartedly that I am proud of all that we’ve achieved so far. Achievements that you, our community, played a very important part in as well.

But – as cliche as it sounds – this is still only the beginning. A completed cycle only opens the door for the next one. This is as true today as it has ever been!

Here’s but a glimpse of what the future looks like:

  • Referral system – opening the doors to a larger audience. No more waiting in line for access to the platform!
  • Projects Module – bringing the market inside the Coreto ecosystem
  • Public Sharable Content – spreading the love to the outside world
  • Content Monetization – rewarding knowledge and community leadership
  • Gamification System – making things fun
  • Improved Trust & Performance score – building the reputation system of the future

Our commitment is strong! Our mission is clear! Our energy is high!

The future is Coreto!

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