On-chain trust and performance tracking - DRS

Now that the DRS can be enabled on your account, and you can have your Trust and Performance scores tracked on-chain, it was only a matter of time until our new playground was up and running. The Main Feed was successfully launched and welcomes the next wave of users.

Most of the new features are explained in the last Design Update, so I encourage you to read that article to get up to date. Today we’ll be focusing on social tags, a new way to display your know-how, and the first bit of gamification on our platform.

Social Tags are these little pill-shaped tags displayed along your username. There are three types of tags you can own:

  • Permanent – Once you get one, it will be shown forever on your profile.
  • Conditional – You own it while certain conditions are fulfilled.
  • Temporary – These are easy-to-get tags that are permanently replaced by a higher-ranked one.

We’ve mentioned rank. These tags come from hard to get, to extremely easy. So they are ranked based on how difficult it is to obtain them. Let me introduce you to our first list of tags, and probably the lowest difficulty overall.

  • Elite (Conditional) – Top 10 users.
  • Top Dog (Conditional) – Top 50 users (from 50 to 11).
  • Trusted (Conditional) – Trust score over 50.
  • Performer (Conditional) – Performance score over 50.
  • ROI Master (Permanent) – 5 consecutive SOOPs with more than 30% ROI.
  • Trendsetter (Permanent) – Over 1000 reactions in the last 7 days (agrees, disagrees comments).
  • Creator (Conditional) – Create 5 SOOPs (any result), write 5 articles, and 5 social posts in the last 30 days.
  • ROI Hunter (Conditional) – 3 consecutive SOOPs with more than 10% ROI.
  • Scribe (Conditional) – Wrote 5 articles in the last 30 days.
  • Trailblazer (Conditional) – Over 100 reactions in the last 7 days (agrees, disagrees comments).
  • Explorer (Temporary) – One SOOP, one article, and one status in the last 14 days.
  • Rising Pup (Temporary) – Got 10 reactions on the last three posts.

We can consider this fabulous new platform addition as the first step toward the Gamification system. A new and challenging way to display your platform achievements. Some are permanent, some are temporary, but all of them are created to make you shine.

The Gamification system will be a massive part of our platform. It’s important to know that the conditions to get social tags are not maxed out; some of the tags can be easily obtained now, but as the user base grows, so will the difficulty to achieve what’s important and become an elite user.

What now?

Now it’s time to become active. Make the most out of the new social feed and try to get to the top. Later in the build, owning the rarest Social Tags will give you early access to our releases, advantages in competitions, and special perks inside platform modules – no queues for you.

Invite your friends and start a discussion directly on the Main Feed. We’d love to see your opinion on… anything.

What’s next?

Our short-term objective is to increase the number of users on the platform. We’ll be doing this by tackling the Public Sharable Content module on our roadmap, Projects V2, and – tentatively – will be introducing a new Content Monetisation method, along with the already established SOOPs.

We’ll update the website soon with our new major milestone.

Vali Tronaru
Head of Design

A multi—disciplinary UI & Design brain with 6+ years as a graphic creator. A maker of various things. The Creative Lead of Coreto Platform.