Coreto platform development update august

Coreto is a reputation-based social platform.

But what is a social platform without social interaction?

Today we are releasing a brand new feature that will bring this much needed social interaction to our platform.

New Feature: Social Posts

Add Social Post | Preview | Coreto platfrom development
Add Social Post | Preview

Social platforms have become a part of our day-to-day lives over the last decade. We now have the expectation of being able to (more or less) freely express ourselves, share and interact with information that we find interesting using these social platforms.

Starting today, Coreto will also let its users to share their interests and thoughts using this familiar method. You can now:

  • Post status messages
  • Share interesting links from all around the web
  • …or anything else you might find would deserve a shout-out on our platform.

Feel free to share the news that you find interesting, comments on the overall market or just brag about your accomplishments.

Social Posts in Main Feed | Preview
Social Posts in Main Feed | Preview

Of course, take care to NOT unethically abuse this new feature. Even if the report/ban system is not yet active on our ALPHA platform, this doesn’t mean that moderating content is not present. We WILL take down any offensive posts and it WILL result in banning your account.

That being said, have fun testing and please use the Feedback feature to let us know of any platform development bugs or improvements you think deserve our attention.

Work in progress: Notifications System – Platform Announcements

This update also brings the first part of our overall notifications system.

Starting today, important announcements about the project will also be made using an in-platform announcement widget, so you can stay up to date with things like planned maintenance, future updates, events, and other relevant short messages.

This small feature is also the basis of our larger notifications system, so also expect this to be part of future updates soon.

Coreto platform development – Improvements & Bug Fixes

We also took this opportunity to make some improvements to different parts of the platform. Small things like adding more information to the main feed cards, adding more clarity to certain areas of the platform and improving their performance, and the overall stability of the platform are also part of this update.

One honorable mention is the “facelift” of the SOOP timeline we’ve added in our last Coreto platform development update.

Many of these improvements are based on your feedback, so keep sending us your thoughts on how we can improve.

A Look Into the Future

As we mark another checkbox on our roadmap with this update, we are already working on the next one.

Work on the full Notifications System is already 90% done, the Invite/Referral Module is coming along nicely and work has already started for the Articles Module, a way for both experienced and upcoming writers to have the proper tools to add more relevant and rich content on Coreto.

The expansion of our unique Staking of Opinion Pools feature is also being worked on, preparing the system for a more accurate view of how each opinion and pool performs. Based on the already extensive data we have collected so far we are working on adding more relevant statistics and also making small adjustments to our Trust and Performance systems in order to more accurately reflect each user’s evolution over time.

At Coreto, we are very excited for the future! We are running on all cylinders, so keep sending us your feedback and suggestions. We’ll make sure to read every one of them and keep improving with your help.

You can keep track of our progress by following us on our social channels! Twitter is a good start.

Andrei Balaianu
Head of Development

I am a knowledge-driven person, taking every new challenge as an opportunity to learn new ways to improve myself and my work.