ProBit Global AMA session with Iustina Faraon & Andrei Balaianu |

ProBit Global AMA Introduction:

Iustina Faraon: Hi everyone, I’m Iustina, Cofounder and CEO of the most promising crypto project: Coreto. I am a dreamer and a doer, I absolutely love to listen and understand different problems because I always challenge my brain to find the most unique solutions.

As for my professional background, I can say that I have run my own digital agency and built amazing projects for medium and big clients all around the world, for almost 8 years. I am grateful I had the chance to learn how a digital product is born, developed, and then presented to the world. Just like a child. After years in the digital and advertising industry, I wanted to go further with myself: I wanted to build something bigger than everything.

It so happens that in early 2017 I discovered the blockchain industry and fell in love mostly with its use cases in different industries, but at the same time, I have noticed how difficult it is to trust and support the crypto industry. It still is. From that point, I have started to build my dream: a simple to use tool that can change the crypto industry.

What is Coreto $COR and what is it about?

Iustina: Imagine a place where you can learn and understand everything about crypto projects, trading, and crypto in general. A place where your level of crypto knowledge can be drastically improved. A place where content creators, influencers, traders, and projects are classified based on their past performance and trust from the community. Wouldn’t this place be heaven for investors and project teams?

This is what we are aiming for!

Have in mind that the name Coreto comes from COmmunity REward TOken, and its main purpose is to offer a trust layer between the interactions of the parties involved in this space:

  • retail investors
  • influencers
  • traders
  • pool owners, and
  • projects.

By allowing people to trust others they have dealt with and giving each user a specific weight based on various parameters, we are able to offer a way for people to know whom to trust and for what purpose.

You can also read more about Coreto in our Lightpaper.

We are preparing an amazing tool for traders and content creators in general. Besides the monetization part, being a gamer myself, I love gamification and we are building an innovative way of gamification for a social media platform.

And the $COR token will be the catalyst in the platform.

How big is your team and can you tell us something about the core members?

Iustina: First of all, I want to tell you that I am very excited when I speak about my team. We aren’t the usual project team. We have known each other for a long time and we have built together many digital projects. Our relationship has become stronger with every obstacle we overcome. For example, I have worked with Andrei for more than 8 years, he was one of my first developers in my digital agency.

Vali, our Head of Design, is one of the best designers I know. And without bragging about myself, I have met hundreds of designers. But Vali is one of a kind because he is so pretentious with his work, and design runs through his veins. And Vlad, my Co-founder and CBO spent more than 12 years in the corporate world, as a business developer and strategist, being one of the most pragmatic and detail-oriented people that I know. We are a perfect puzzle. This is the core team that works full-time at Coreto. The core team works closely with dedicated teams in charge of execution, made up of both internal and external resources, coordinating in order to reach the desired targets and results.

You’re currently in the Alpha stage. How long does it last and what major events are you focusing on during this period?

Andrei: The ALPHA stage has multiple milestones along the way. As can be seen on our Roadmap, we will work on it until around the end of the year, before entering the BETA stage.

The first milestones are about expanding our Staking of Opinion Pools feature and our unique TRUST and PERFORMANCE algorithms, as well as adding different ways the users can interact and connect with each other. The Staking of Opinion Pools feature is the first major feature we have already implemented and can be tested by our early adopters already.

Next, we’ll focus on features that will allow interactions in and outside of the platform and open up the platform to unrestricted registrations and to be used freely. Also, at this stage, we will also have more and more tools for projects and project teams and more monetization options for everyone to start learning & earning by using Coreto.

Of course, this is just the platform development part. Business, marketing, partnerships, and everything else is also part of this roadmap, as we aim to become a staple in the crypto industry and beyond.

Why do you think people should invest in COR/Coreto?

Iustina: Now it’s an amazing opportunity for anyone interested in crypto because we are in an early stage and besides the fact that our token has a very good entry point right now, not a lot of people know about Coreto. YET!

Read about our plans, see our tokenomics and feel our passion and dedication (join our community for this) and choose for yourself if you want to support our project or not.

People should invest ONLY when they are comfortable doing so.

What are Coreto’s core values? What does Coreto stand for?

Andrei: We stand for fairness, trust, and accountability. These are our core values, and they are a part of everything we do and how we are building our platform.

As also mentioned on our website, we pledge for facts that can be verified, for opinions that can be reasoned, and for knowledge that can be shared.

ProBit Global AMA Community questions:

Security & User Interface is the most important aspect that users see on a platform. How has your platform worked on this? Is this platform suitable for newbies in the crypto world?

Andrei: With Coreto we aim to remove as much as we can from the barrier to entry for new users that are just finding out about what crypto is and what it can be used for.

Whit this in mind, our UI/UX is built to be as intuitive and easy to use as possible.

Also, as you said, the security aspect is the MOST important aspect of every online project, and even more so for a project like ours.

We have great security experts on our team and have been building it into the platform from day one.

But as you know, security is not a one-and-done deal. We are actively testing and improving our platform security with each new piece of code we are adding to our codebase, as well as our infrastructure and integrations.

What makes you feel confident about the survival & sustainable success of CORETO in the near future? While you build your project, do you take into account community feedback and demands?

Iustina: This is a great question!

I am the kind of entrepreneur that goes on the methodologies of a lean startup. I prefer to have sustainable progress and overcome the obstacles that come our way. We are growing step by step with a certain goal.

I know that this kind of mindset is different in the crypto industry, as most people want fast growth; yet this is artificial and not a good strategy in the long run.

Our community is the beating heart of Coreto. Everything we do, we do for people.

We are very active in our TG groups and social media channels, always being open to suggestions and feedback. The key to any successful digital product is to listen to your users and constantly collect their recommendations. As a matter of fact, we have a feedback tool implemented in the Alpha version and we constantly receive suggestions and recommendations from our early testers.

Too many projects promise magic but never release any working product or prove any revenue, Within a short/long time of release. Is your project also like this? If not can u tell us, what makes your project different from other projects?

Andrei: I really like this question!

First of all, as our community can attest, we never overpromise, even at the risk of some thinking that we are not moving fast enough 🙂

What I mean is that we take all our commitments seriously. We are a team of industry professionals with years of experience in delivering large-scale projects in multiple domains, including crypto.

Our current roadmap is based on this experience, and a realistic timeframe, and a sustainable business model.

I believe that the way we approach how we build and present ourselves as a project, as well as what we aim to bring to the crypto world with Coreto is something unique, that sets us apart.

We are here to disrupt. We are here to innovate. We are here to build TRUST and help open up the crypto space to the world at large.

Collaboration and partnerships are one of the cornerstones to making DeFi more widespread, Can you share some of the partnerships you have formed with existing blockchain foundations recently?

Iustina: Partnerships are important and we constantly scan the crypto industry to find other projects that align with our goals and mission.
Our current partners include

  • Ferrum Network
  • Router Protocol and Dfyn, and also
  • Polygon (formerly Matic) as we’re going to move Coreto on their Layer 2 solution.

Currently, we focus on identifying new partners that will help us deliver more data-driven information that will help users understand on-chain data and information quickly and with ease.

What is the ultimate goal that Coreto wants? I wonder what the strategy is and how Coreto achieves it.

Andrei: I’m glad to have this question asked, as we do have really big plans for the future!

The first goal of Coreto is to become the TRUST layer of the crypto space. By having a reputation based on results and not notoriety, we aim to change how people research, learn and earn, and how the crypto world is viewed from the outside.

Crypto has somewhat of a bad reputation at the moment, and we aim to change that and make new users have a safer overall experience.

But our long-term goal is even bolder! After we polish and perfect our systems, we plan to expand them and integrate them as a TRUST layer over the whole online world, regardless of industry!

We are here to stay! And here to build!

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